As a class we were instructed to create within a weeks time span five cell phone cases which followed a theme. Two of these had to use the pattern creator in Adobe Illustrator. I chose to use breakfast as a theme because I thoroughly love a good croissant and cup of coffee or eggs and bacon, or all of them at once! I  procceeded to create flat rendeings of breakfast foods, drinks, and related items that I love for breakfast.Using these creations I made one coffee case(2nd from the right) and a bread theme(1st from the right), and 3 breakfast combonations that I felt sounded scrumptious. Then I pulled the images into Adobe Photoshop and made clip masks of a provided cellphone case to create the case shape and added bevel and emboss. Then I edited and added text and details, like the coffee stain. Finally I formatted, and presto. 
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